Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bread Bean Pies

Do you find that at this time of year you need super easy dinners?
WAIT - I need super easy dinners all year round ;-)

This quick & easy meal idea can be served by itself, or with any side you like. 
They also make great lunchbox items(with a lid) or a filling snack.

You will need a pie-maker! I picked one up for less than $15 a few years back & its just been a really handy item to have in the kitchen! To be honest I don't often use it for pastry pies(other than for my husband) but its amazing the amount of other uses it has too!
If you don't wish to use a pie-maker this idea would also work in a ramekin & baked in the oven!

All you need to do is use the bottom cutter & roughly cut out a piece of bread (old bread works well too!). 

Line the pie dish with the bread & pour in baked beans in any flavour you desire!

Close the lid & in 7 minutes you'll have yummy as bread-bean pies :-)

I like these without a lid, but you can put a bread lid on too if you want!

Want something other than baked beans? 
Try some of these recipes as fillings too:
   --> Spiced chick peas
   --> Lentil bolognese
   --> Bean bolognese
   --> Carrots, peas & corn bean stew
   --> Silverbeet & sweet potato stew

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