Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Drink #9 - Christmas Time Tea Punch

Drink #9 - Christmas Time Tea Punch

I love punch - and recently I've discovered the amazing taste that adding cold tea can create. Here's a great festive punch that everyone can enjoy.

I suggest brewing the tea the night before & then storing it in the fridge overnight to chill.

In a punch bowl combine equal quantities of:

Chilled white tea (any flavour - I used peach -                 1 bag per 250ml water, brew as normal)
Orange juice

Top with ice, torn mint leaves & frozen raspberries.

The red & green on top looks very festive & the raspberries will melt into the punch & make a lovely red colour.

 I know I said that last time would possibly be the last of my Christmas creation pictures but I couldn't resist showing this one either:
They are my fudgey slice (minus the nuts) topped with icing & rapsberries. So easy and yet they look amazing on the Christmas table (even if I must say so myself!!!).


  1. Your drink would be perfect on a really hot day and your fudgey slice would be perfect anytime!!! They look so yummy.

  2. Firstly your blue dress is gorgeous- as is your smile.
    Secondly tea in punch- you're a genius! I've got to try that!! Perfect for my non-alcho self.
    Thirdly your fudgy slices are too cute :) I'd be stoked with them at a christmas party.

    1. Lol - thank you :-)
      I was sooooooooo delighted the first time I decided to try tea in punch - its perfect! I just randomly decided oneday that I would try it & have never looked back!