Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The 12 drinks of Christmas - Drink #1

~Welcome to December!~
Yes, I realise I'm a few days late - but you know what they say.... better late than never!
I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone!!! Does anyone else feel like this year has just flown by? I feel like it should be about March..... but since it's not I thought a little Christmas collection would be nice!
There are sooooooo many recipes everywhere for Christmas meals, so I thought I would take on something a little different...... drinks.

So stay tuned til Christmas day as I present my version of Christmas drinks! :-)

Let's get started!

Drink #1 --> Hoho-Healthy Santa Juice
Poor Santa! Imagine how bloated he feels after all that milk everyone leaves out for him ;-)
Any wonder he has a tummy like he does too with all the cookies on top of that milk! 
How about this year Santa gets a nice healthy green juice!!!
This is great for after a big meal the night before too, you can have it as a fresh morning drink or an afternoon refresher too.

If you make a big batch of this juice you can also freeze it into ice-blocks for a healthy way to get some extra vitamins into the kiddies :-)

What you'll need:
A bag of green leftovers - by that I mean, the ends of broccoli that have been chopped off, buy choy ends, choy sum ends, any stray lettuce leaves that didn't quite make the salad,  zucchini ends.

These items used to be fed to our rabbit before he passed away - but now they are still put to good use!
I don't throw vitamins away!

I also included a few carrot ends, but not enough to make the juice turn a funny colour.


Put all vegetable leftovers through a juicer with 2-3 apples, or as many as you like to make the juice sweet enough for drinking!
 Now that is a pile of pulp that I don't feel at all bad if I throw away!!!
Now that's sure to refresh Santa on his trip down under where we don't quite get a white Christmas, but a red hot one! ;-)

mmmmmm, red - perhaps that's the next colour drink for Christmas! 
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