Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Week 8 Unprocessed

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeek 8 felt like it dragged on for a bit.
I found it really hard to stick with completely unprocessed foods. Maybe its the time of year. Maybe I just feel like I need to constantly be cooking. I largely kept to my aim but I did have some fruit toast and other nibbles this week! I am still sticking to unprocessed meals though, but just including some snacks as well!

Here's a collection of the meals I've had:
Leftover bean loaf with a roast potato and salad.

Strawberry yogurt with oats (blended strawberries and dates!), I still prefer the blueberry flavour that I often have more!

Tempeh and mushroom stroganoff with home-made tofu sour cream served over Slim Pasta. The Slim Pasta is definitely a different texture and taste than regular pasta! It wasn't awful, but I definitely wouldn't choose it over regular pasta! This is the first time I had ever tried it.

Lentil stew with brown rice & steamed zucchini.

Chocolate smoothie - filled with fruit & spinach!

Back to blueberry yogurt with oats again!

Salad with red kidney beans

Iku lasagne with salad

Pancakes - regular weekend breakfast for me!

Can't go wrong with an easy stir-fry! Just toss in all the leftover vegetables from the week.

I made a chocolate nut cake for a party we went to this weekend.
You can find the recipe on the mouth watering vegan blog.
I altered this recipe slightly - just changed the type of nuts and added some rice syrup to help the cake hold together.
It was very very rich. The topping was amazingly delicious!
The nut mixture pressed into the tin
Spread the icing on top
Decorated with raspberries
It does look rather spectacular!!!

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  1. That tart is spectacular indeed! Wow :) All of your eats look wonderful - so much colour, which is always a good thing with food.