Thursday, December 13, 2012

WIAW - 2nd week of December!

Welcome to another week of what-i-ate-wednesday

It's nearly Christmas! Are you feeling the mad rush start to get to you yet?

I relied on leftover a lot today - fairly standard for my Wednesday really!

Breakfast was bluberry 'yogurt' with oats! One of my favs!

Lunch was a wrap with leftover Mexican spiced black beans.

Afternoon snacks were fruit salad and a few crackers.

Dinner I went to a friends place where a heap of people gathered for a Christmas celebration. I had taken some polenta & red kidney bean stew but being the social butterfly that I am was so busy chatting & enjoying company that I completely forgot to take a picture! Doh - that is 2 weeks in a row now! lol
So, as a replacement picture for dinner, I have included the gift that I scored in the Secret Santa! 
I don't know if there is an official name for when you just pick a gift out of the sack & then another person can 'steal' the gift or not?!? But that is how it worked! I originally had picked out a French cookbook! Was a little disappointed when it got picked from me, but I don't think this is too bad either! Can't wait to put some nice family pics in these for our coffee table :-)

Hope you have a great Hump Day everyone?
How many days left of work for you all?
My last day of work is next Wednesday! Hanging out for my 2 week break!


  1. Your blueberry "yogurt" & oatmeal sound delicious!!

  2. What kind of vegan yogurt do you eat? It looks good!

    1. This yogurt is just blueberries and dates tossed in a blender with enough plant milk to blend them :-) So easy & so delicious

  3. I gave my parents those picture coasters a few years back! They love them :-) I love your eats, too!