Tuesday, December 18, 2012

End of my Unprocessed Challenge!

So Sunday ended my unprocessed challenge!

I can't say that I was completely unprocessed the whole time. The first 6 weeks I was, but the last couple of weeks I have stuck to unprocessed meals, but allowing snacks of rice crackers & other such nibbles that are somewhat processed.

I'm pleased that I could largely stick to this challenge, and feel like its made a positive difference in the way I view food.
It has made me realise how little processed foods I generally eat anyway!

That said, Monday morning I had raisin toast with fig jam & strawberries on it for breakfast! hehehe & I can't wait til our family BBQ at the end of the week when I'll have some Veggie Sausages! I don't mind a treat every now & then!

The last 2 weeks I have relied heavily on frozen leftovers, making bigger batches & fall back easy meals. I have also been going out a lot for meals - I think that comes with this time of year!

Here's the last collection of unprocessed meals that I'll be sharing for a while!
Soaked oats with raisins

Carrot salad with bean burgers & oil-free home fries.

Spinach chocolate smoothie
This is an example of the most processed that any of my meals have been: Canned baked beans with store-bought bread!
Bread bean pies with corn    

Chick peas with spinach on mash

Stir fry

Potato salad with chick peas, spinach & home-made tofu sour 'creme'

Corn pasta with lentils and spinach!
Still undecided if pasta is processed or not!!!!


  1. Congrats on completing your challenge! :) Don't stress about perfection- consistency over perfection all the way.
    For what it's worth I view things like pasta, rolled oats and flours as processed but to a lesser degree than other things.
    Needless to say your food looks delish! Keep up the great work xxx

  2. Congratulations on completing your challenge! What a great achievement and you highlight just how good natural food can be :)