Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WIAW - Unprocessed Tuesday Week 2

I decided to post Tuesday's meals this week for what-i-ate-wednesday! Why post Tuesday instead of Wednesday you may ask?!? Well because Wednesday's meals always seem so boring being my work day! 

Today I experimented a bit, so I thought it would be more fun to share today!
Possibly Wednesday will be full of today's leftovers anyway ;-)

Breakfast -->
Banana Oat Pancakes
Same as my blueberry-choc-oat-pancakes, just omit the blueberries and add one over-ripe mashed banana.

Lunch -->
I experimented with making my own tortillas! :-/
Let's just say... next time I'll stick to store bought ones!
It was a lot of fun but they just weren't so great to roll up into a salad wrap. 
That said, they were still very tasty.
They worked out way better as 'dipping bread' for this pumpkin cheeze-sauce than for wraps!

Dinner -->
More experimenting :-) I love having fun in the kitchen.
What is that quote Nigella Lawson says at the start of her series Kitchen - "If I'm in the kitchen, I'm happy". Well personally, I couldn't agree more.

For this evening's meal I made Cauliflower fried-rice with sweet potato and chick pea burgers.

The cauliflower fried rice but a bit of an experiment but it was soooooo amazingly tasty that I'm going to make it again and then share the recipe soon! 
I did go back for seconds ;-)

The sweet potato and chick pea burgers were really simple. Just steam a small sweet potato and then toss it in a food processor with a drained can of chickpeas, chopped spring onions and enough besan flour to hold the mixture together. Then bake for 30 mins until golden brown. ~Really tasty~

Dessert -->
As always.... banana ice-cream! This time with cherries and cocoa too :-)
mmmmmm black forest flavour soft-serve! Soooooo good!

To see some of my experimenting with the tortillas continue scrolling below!
Letting the dough sit
Rolling out the tortillas - bit sticky :-/
Much better rolling out with flour instead of paper!
Dry-fry the tortilla
Yay a puffed one!!!!!!!
Lucky number 3 ;-)
And making the sweet potato burgers....


  1. I love all of your recipes and food ideas in this one!

    Those pancakes look super thick and really good. And I've never tried vegetarian burgers (except for falafel), but those sweet potato chickpea burgers are amazing.

    And that banana ice cream sounds great. I love adding cocoa powder and strawberries/raspberries. Never tried cherries before!

    1. I must admit that the pancakes are ~amazing~. I personally love thick pancakes :-)
      And I love how the cherries give a 'black forest' type of flavour!

      Hope you get a chance to experiment with some of them :-)