Friday, October 19, 2012

Unprocessed - End of Week 2

Wednesday - 

Breakfast was soaked oats with a grated apple and raisins


Lunch was leftover cauliflower fried-rice with a sweet potato pattie & rockmelon
For dinner I enjoyed yet another Wednesday outing :-) ~Lucky me~
This evening I went to a Japanese restaurant and enjoyed a vegetarian bento box
IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was my most enjoyable meal out in a long time! Everything was so deliciously tasty & it's nice to get a big meal.... and yet sooo affordable! Can you believe this whole platter was less than $20! :D

Thursday -

Breakfast was soaked oats with ground flax seeds, mashed pumpkin and raisins. 

I forgot to take a picture of lunch :-( I was out enjoying the beautiful sunshine with my packed salad with yet another leftover sweet potato pattie :-)

For dinner I sorted through out vegetable drawer in the fridge and pulled out everything that was green and threw together a simple stir-fry, served over brown rice.

Yes, I did have dessert ;-)
Will you be at all surprised if I mention it was banana soft-serve???
Sorry - awful picture.... Taken on my phone!

Friday - 

I woke up early this morning!!! I'm sure normal people do the washing or exercise when they wake up early..... but not me... I made cookies!!!!

I mashed 2 over-ripe bananas, added a cup of oats, a cup of chopped dried apple and a tablespoon of almond butter. Added enough oat bran to hold them together and baked at 180C for 17 minutes......


So I guess I should of really baked them for 12 instead :-/ 
Despite being ~slightly~ overcooked they were AmAzInGlY delicious :D
Very pleased with my morning creation.... and as such I spent most of the morning nibbling on quite a few of them :-/
I did have guests so I can honestly say that I didn't eat them all myself!!!!!

I did have breakfast before I had the grand test-taste tho ;-)
Breakfast was brown rice with raisins and cinnamon and an orange.
I have definitely been enjoying raisins this week! They are just so tasty and sweet!








After all my morning snacking I didn't really feel like lunch! Surprise, surprise....
So at about 2 o'clock I made myself a 'chocolate' green smoothie. Sooooooooooo tasty.....


For dinner I decided to make some tofu.
I sliced the tofu and fried it in a mixture of soysauce, maple syrup, rice wine vinegar and a touch of molasses.

I then added a tablespoon of natural peanut butter to the mixture. Using the moisture that was already there to make it 'saucy'.

It was sooooooooo delicious!
I was so pleased that something I could prepare so quickly and easily was so delicious. I will definitely make this again.

Served over mashed potato with steamed veggies.



  1. It shows how easy it is to make all the meals in the week without using processed foods, well done. And as you say, some meals are super fast. Even though I eat meat and dairy, it's just as simple and quick.

    1. That's great - I'm glad you have found it simple and easy too.
      The most surprising for me is that I am not finding it 'boring' or tasteless at all!