Monday, October 8, 2012

Product Review: Coles Simply Less Bars

Coles have bought out a new range of products to be healthier choices and named them Simply Less.

I picked up 2 of the 'bars' the other day.
There was also a 3 nut flavour in the range but I didn't get that one to try.

I was very excited to see that they were labeled as 'suitable for vegans'.
Some in the range were also gluten free for those who need that.

I tried the Date, Sesame and Chia bar first. 

I enjoyed it but it wasn't quite the 'date' taste that I was hoping for! Perhaps I enjoy date flavours better with chocolate!
That said, I would definitely still buy this again to enjoy on another occasion.

Secondly I tried the Fruit, Oat & Quinoa flavour....

YUM! Wow - it was really tasty and not dry at all. Some oat bars can be really dry & crunchy. I enjoyed the chewy texture of this one and its definitely on my top snack list!!!!

I recommend picking yourself up some of these bars to try sometime! They were inexpensive ($1.19 each) and what a great treat to keep in the cupboard (or drawer at work for munchies!!!).

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