Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 1 Unprocessed

It's always exciting to start out on the first day of anything.... but that excitement usually comes with some nervousness as well.
Well my 10 weeks unprocessed challenge has started out just like that! A bit of mixed feelings....

Here's how day one went:

Breakfast was oats with ground flax seeds, frozen blueberries and a chopped banana. 
A batch of home-made soymilk followed..... now I have okara to play-bake with :D

For lunch I raided some veggies from the fridge and got chopping!

I made a dressing to go with it:
It was simply tahini, freshly squeezed lemon juice and apple cider vinegar mixed together in my mini-chopper. 
I love little kitchen gadgets <3

Dinner was a cauliflower 'steak' with green & bean mix.
I made the cauliflower steak but simply cutting pieces of a whole cauli lengthways, soak in lemon juice for 10 mins then sprinkle with herbs and spices. Bake for 30 mins in a warm oven.
My green bean mix was onions, mushrooms, silverbeet and cannellini beans sauteed in white wine vinegar! Very tasty!

And of course............ you know I don't cope well without dessert don't you?!?!? ;-)
Thankfully going unprocessed doesn't mean being deprived!

I made some of my strawberry mousse. Always a winner :D

So I survived day one unprocessed!
In fact, it really wasn't too much different from a 'regular' day of mine! 
I look forward to experimenting more in the coming weeks......

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