Friday, October 12, 2012

Chocolate Popeye Ice-cream!!!

We all know how much Popeye loved his spinach! So if he ever did eat ice-cream, I'm sure he would of had it like this!!!
Ice-cream Popeye would love!


 --> one chopped frozen banana
 --> 1 cup of frozen spinach leaves
 --> 1 Tablespoon cacao or cocoa powder
 --> 2-4 Tablespoons plant-milk    

Blend in a food processor or blender until smooth.

Blend really well so you don't get any large pieces of spinach.

The amount of milk you need will depend on your processor. Add it Tablespoon by Tablespoon til you find the amount you need - you want enough to combine and blend the ice-cream but not too much that it becomes runny.

Click here to find out all the amazing nutrients that spinach contains.
I guess Popeye was right.... spinach really does pack a powerful punch!


  1. Whilst I have lots of spinach in my garden and we have been eating it almost every night, I couldn't bring myself to eat it with coco like this as a dessert. I often eat it raw in salads and feel the goodness jumping out!!

    1. lol! I assure you that you can't actually taste it in there!!!!!