Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIAW - First week of October

After last week's WIAW you probably think I'm a snack-a-holic.....
Well I'm not really. I hardly ever snack to be honest, apart from a Wednesday which is my drive into work day. I usually have an afternoon tea snack because dinner is rarely eaten before 8pm (read grumbly tummy!). Other days I occasionally have a piece of fruit in the afternoon, but other than that the only snack I consistently have is a morning tea break that consist of just my coffee :D mmmmmmmmmmmmm coffee! 

So I went into the office today with sensible snacking in mind (after last week!)......

For breakfast I made my bread-no-butter--pudding using raisin toast that was leftover. 

                                        Served with a sliced orange.

Lunch was leftover pizza served with steamed greens.
The pizza was mashed mexican beans with my pizza-cheeze-sauce recipe on top. 
I munched on an apple in the car on the way home.

Dinner was late evening.... again - as is becoming my Wednesday routine :-/ I can't say that I like eating dinner late but I don't really have a choice! Which also means that it's usually something super easy to make!
This evening it was a burger.
Using up what "package" food I have in the house before I start my 10 weeks unprocessed challenge next week!
I'm posting details in a few days - so stayed turned.... You too can join in the challenge if you want to!

 You can join the What-I-Ate-Wednesday fun at the peasandcrayons blog


  1. That 10 weeks unprocessed sounds like a totally fun idea! And great for recipes :) Can't wait to hear more of the details...

  2. Your burger has eyes! Happy WIAW!

    1. hehehe i love it when people see creatures in food! Now that you point it out, it truly does!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. All of your meals sound amazing. I mean seriously, your dinner.. uh i need some of those burgers!