Friday, October 5, 2012

10 weeks unprocessed

The crunch time is nearly here!
From next Monday for the complete duration of the final school term this year I'm going

Here's the list of 'whole foods' that I'm going to include:

--> Fruits & veggies (obviously) - fresh or frozen, with the allowance of canned tomatoes
--> Whole Grains  - oats, quinoa, barley, brown rice, wheat, wholemeal & spelt flour 
                           - this does not include pre-cooked such as minute rice
                           - this will also include bread that is home-made
--> Legumes - I will aim to cook most of my legumes myself, 
                   - however I will allow canned legumes, either unsalted or organic varieties
                   - I will also allow pre-made unflavoured tofu & tempeh
--> Nuts, seeds and dried fruit - no added sulphur or salt varieties, natural nut spreads allowed
--> Natural sweetners - including maple syrup
--> Beverages - water, tea, coffee, freshly squeezed fruit & vegetable juice
                     - plant milks that are organic and contain minimal ingredients 


I will still allow myself to eat out if we have a special occasion planned (during this time we'll be celebrating our anniversary & our daughter's birthday!).  
I will be making cakes & cookies & ice-creams and various types of treats..... from scratch!  
This is not about deprivation - but about building good habits! It needs to be realistic and do-able! 

I realise that this list will vary and contain slightly different foods for each individual person! If you're participating don't feel that this list has to be your list - feel free to make your own one that suits you! 
No judgements please!

If you're not consuming a plant-based diet and would like some guidelines for what you may want to include I recommend checking out the 100 days of real food blog to get some ideas for how you may want to shape your list.

Want to join in?!?
You can do this for as long or as short a time as you feel able. Feel free to subscribe (link in right hand column) to see the recipes & what I'll be eating.
If you enjoy blogging then feel free to link your blog up below with your food list & duration! 
You can copy and paste some of the below 'unprocessed' pictures to add to your blog page if you want! Please don't alter them!


  1. I have been doing this for a few months now and it hasn't been too bad. However with a teenager in the house I still need things like baked beans for quick meals but we eat very little else that is processed. We are having a feta and spinach pie tonight and the spinach has come from the garden and I am making the pastry.

    1. That is awesome!
      I reckon I'm about 80-90% already unprocessed but just need that bit more motivation for long days at work & things like tomato sauce, wraps etc!
      mmmmmmmm spinach pie is so good! :D