Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 2 Unprocessed

My day started out with this:

This is a 'yogurt' made by mixing frozen blueberries and dates with just enough plant-milk to combine it but not to make it too runny. Tastes delicious.

 Who am I kidding - I always mix everything on my plate together!

For lunch I had leftover of last nights green & bean mix with some quinoa:

Of course, I mixed all that together too ;-)

I had a few grapes with lunch too. Grapes are just so pretty aren't they?!?

For dinner I tried a Polenta Pizza from the fat free vegan kitchen.
It worked out really well! I loved the taste of it, even though it didn't really feel like I was eating pizza!
The base - cooked

Not bad for a 'different' type of pizza!
And yes, of course, I didn't forget dessert! ;-)

I used the okara from yesterday & made "banana rock cakes" - well something similar to that anyway! I just mixed the okara with 2 mashed bananas, a bit of maple syrup, a handful of currants & enough spelt flour to make a dough. Baked for 25 minutes = divine! When I'm convinced I've got the recipe right I'll do a blog!

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