Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 4 Unprocessed

Yesterday was far too filled with adventure to worry about what I ate! So back on track today.....

For breakfast I enjoyed soaked oats with strawberries and a spoonful of my nut-seed milo that I have made a nice big batch of to get me through these unprocessed weeks!

I was at a seminar today in the city. Even though it was completely lousy weather, I still enjoy a day in the city!!
Darling Harbour
Harbour Bridge from Pyrmont Bay
Centrepoint Tower

For morning tea I had a mandarin and one of my banana rock cakes that I made on Tuesday.

I think chef's ~secretly~ love when us vego's come along and they get a chance to cook something different cause I always get the most amazing meals!
Today's was a dish of spinach, onion, potato & sweet potato in a tomato mash/sauce thingo with cannellini beans! I was soooo delighted to get beans with my meal cause I love beans, and usually I just get a mixture of vegetables at places like this! 
It was sooooooooooo delicious, I wished it was double the size hahahaha

For dinner I had some leftovers from our freezer.
This was the Sweet Potato Lentil Chili recipe that was part of the 21 day kickstart. I love this recipe so much! It makes a nice big batch - great for freezing = convenience! :D

I then raced off to netball with no dessert :-( Very unlike me!!!!
But WE WON! So I didn't feel too bad afterall ;-)

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