Friday, October 26, 2012

Unprocessed - Thursday Week 3

Breakfast - 
Blueberry 'yogurt' with oats. 

Busy, busy, busy doing loooooooooooads of fun things for my daughter's party on Saturday!

Here's some my craft and cooking adventures for the day.
I just couldn't get over how gorgeous these little teapot party boxes were!

I'm all for individualism so each of them is slightly different! This purple one is my favourite!

Below is Oreo pops and what will become tea-bag crackers once they have a string and tag attached!
Lunch was thought about at 2pm! 
I rummaged through the fridge and tossed various odds and ends into a salad! Including leftovers which made for a tasty dressing!

I had an early game of netball tonight which meant that I ate after I came home. I wanted something that quick & easy to whizz up.

I used more of my massive container of pre-cooked brown rice. I love brown rice!
To accompany my rice (or perhaps the other way round!) I made a quick mushroom stroganoff. Its so easy! Sautee mushrooms, onion and garlic & add tahini and water :-) 

Done and delicious!

More party adventures to come!

The literal translation of the Chinese symbol for brown rice means "rough rice". 

Do you think that brown rice is 'rough'?


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