Monday, March 12, 2012

Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too! - Day 1


Breakfast this morning was a tropical fruit bowl - sliced pineapple, rockmelon & banana sprinkled with flaxseeds, sunflower kernels & coconut.

Simple, yet tasty - and surprisingly filling.


Popper, Pumpkin okara burgers with BBQ sauce again. Dried pineapple & sultanas for a snack. Crunch and sip was a banana with some almond & date chocolate dip.

I made fresh soymilk this afternoon.
I had experimented last year with doing it by hand but over Christmas I got a soymilk machine. It was on special - YAY everyone loves a bargain. I have made at least 2 batches each week & it has well been worth the investment.

I have been experimenting about with how much beans to add & what else to add.
I usually add a ratio of soybeans to barley 4:1. This seems to add a touch of sweetness, keeps the milk a bit thicker & adds a nice flavour. I don't need to add any sugar to the soymilk then. I usually still add a teaspoon of vanilla per litre of milk.
Even though the soymilk machine keeps the beans separate & strains the beans, I still put the finished product through a sieve. It seems to give an extra smoothness & not leave any 'bubbly' bit on the top then.
The soymilk maker having completed its job :-)

The milk will keep for about 7(ish) days however, most batches are consumed well before they are anywhere near going off stage!

Straining the milk

Fresh clear smooth soymilk :-)

This of course makes for a lot of leftover okara - so you're bound to see Okara recipes popping up here and there :-) I find the okara lasts in the fridge for about a week. I try to use it almost straight away though.

Leftover from the soymilk - "Okara"

So this afternoon's exercise in using up our okara was to make banana muffins.

I love these muffins - they are soooo moist.
Great way for using up old bananas too.
Or great way of using up 25c/kg bananas that we scored on the weekend! AMAZING! To think that only 6 months ago we couldn't find them for under $10/kg anywhere!

For dinner my amazing husband bought me an Iku Mini Pie Pumpkin & Tempeh :-)
I served it with some vegetables for a nice simple, quick & easy dinner.
I'm not usually this spolit every night.
They are so tasty. If you haven't had a chance to try one yet - then I definitely recommend trying one :-)

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