Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 2 - A chocolatey sort of day

Let's begin today with breakfast - as that's where most days begin :-)

mmmmmmmmmmm muffins - complete with chocolate soymilk.
Ok, so I didn't really just have one muffin ;-)

Lunch I decided to indulge in some fresh produce & made myself a plate full of salad.
Quite tasty.
Nothing plain about a salad when you add enough flavour to it
Here's todays Lunchbox:

This is one of my daughter's favourite sandwiches - tofutti cream cheese, with strawberries and cinnamon.
To compliment the cinnamon she has a mini hot cross bun for morning tea & an apricot.

Now, be honest - if you were given all these gorgeous little friands - could you stop at just one?!?
I can't that's for sure!

For dinner I made my lentil loaf  with mushrooms. I used BBQ sauce instead of pasta sauce. Served with steamed green beans.

To complete the day I made a single serve chocolate microwave cake :-)
So easy to mix a few tablespoons of bits together.....
Awaiting its trip to the microwave
One minute later and its done!

 Smoother with chocolate sauce & devour..................

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