Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 4 - Comfort Food

We all have comfort food don't we :-)
I love oats & pasta as my never fails.
So with that said, I bet you'll never guess what breakfast was today?!?!?!?
Oats cooked with half soymilk, half blueberry juice, a tablespoons flaxseeds & berries.
I love the mix of blueberry juice & soymilk.
Todays lunchbox:
Crunch and sip snack - grapes.
Morning tea - spinach crackers (I was told she didn't want dip with them!) and sesame snaps.
Sandwich - fresh tomato and basil.

Today's lunch salad was mixed baby spinach leave with capsicum, carrot & leftover lentil loaf :-)
Oh, i did top it with some hummus actually!
Followed by some grapes :-)  Enjoying the last of them before the season is over!
I made some water crackers with sundried tomato & roasted eggplant for afternoon tea.
I was reminded how much I love roasted veggies after my pizza last night!

As I mentioned earlier in this post, pasta is my favourite evening comfort food.
I made a bean and TVP bolognese for dinner tonight.
Does apple pie sound like comfort food? uh-huh!
Well for me, its better if its berry apple pie :-)

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