Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 7 - Sunday

mmmmmmmmmmm hot cross buns :-)

Perfect breakfast with no fuss!

Lunch was crumbed mushroom salad.
I love crumbed mushrooms so much.
They are a little time consuming but definitely not hard to make!
Simple mix egg replacer with a bit of soymilk in one bowl. In another bowl mix breadcrumbs, nutritional yeast & dried herbs.
Coat mushrooms first with milk & then coat in the crumbs.
Got experimental with dinner. Decided to make some gnocchi :-)
Its quite simple but yes it takes some time.
Peel a large sweet potato, cut into pieces & bring to a boil. Cook until soft.
 Once cooked til soft, then drain & put in a bowl. Mash well then add paprika & chick pea flour til a mixture is formed that is not too sticky but not dry either.
 Roll into long thin logs and cut into bite size pieces.
 Once cut into bite size pieces, put the pieces back into the pot & bring to the boil. Cook until the gnocchi begins to float. Then drain and keep aside to add later.

 Saute some onion, red cabbage & basil.
 Add the gnocchi to the mix & stir.
 Dinner - YUM

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