Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 3 - Fallback food

Wednesday's are my busy days. I drive into work - I work from home on other days.
This week it took me 3 hours to drive home!
I need quick and easy food, not only for dinner when I'm coming home late, but also for my rushed mornings.

A smoothie is so easy to make for breakfast & I can sip it while I'm getting files & other things ready.
This one is a berry green smoothie - I love the deep purple colour it comes out.
I blend blueberries, spinach, banana & blueberry juice. Very Tasty.

I like to take my own lunch to work as often as I can.
I usually make something simple that I can wizz up quickly in the morning.
This morning I make some dip & cut up some fresh veggies, served with strawberries & brazil nuts.
The dip is so easy - can of red kidney beans, mashed with a fork. Add 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder and a tablespoon salsa. Mix.
Making the dip

Today's lunchbox:
Strawberries for crunch & sip break.
Morning tea of banana muffin, and cinnamon roasted cashews.
Sandwich is mashed red kidney beans with tomato paste & corn.

So after my extremmmmmmmmmmmmely long drive home, we decided to have pizza! Who says you need to have cheese on pizza to make it tasty??!!??
The italian restaurant not far from us makes great pizzas. I always ask for a bit of extra sauce to make up for no cheese.
I was rather greedy & ate away without remembering to take a photo until it was nearly too late - proof it was so yummy!

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