Monday, March 12, 2012

Mini Series!

Does it sound like I'm starting a TV show?!?!?!?
Well, I'm not!
But haven't we all heard "what do you eat?" when you've told someone you're vegan?!?!? I'm sure we all have.
So here goes.....
I'm going to do a "mini-series" on what I eat!
I had wanted to do it for the month of March but it seems to have half escaped me already. So I'll start out with 2 weeks & see how I go.
I can guarantee my meals aren't always the most amazing creations - but they are always tasty!
I will post as many meals as I can & also do a "lunchbox" series where I'll photograph my daughters box to give some ideas of what might keep childrens meals interesting too. We've all heard the complaint about another sandwich!???

I had taken some pictures on Friday before realising that it probably wasn't the best day to start as we were away all weekend. Then I ended up being sick in bed all weekend & that definitely put an end to it starting on Friday!
But none the less I have Friday's breakfast &  lunchbox snap shot below!

So here (kinda) begins my series....

Friday's lunchbox --A frozen popper - helps keeps all the other food cool & is defrosted by the time its lunch. I tend to only give my daughter a frozen popper on the days I'm sure it will defrost in time.

For lunch was pumpkin, carrot & sunflower seed okara burgers with BBQ sauce to dip them in.
Morning tea & snacks were blueberries, a piece of fresh coconut, & a little box of cranberries & almonds.
At her school they have a "crunch & sip" snack at 10am - which is a time when they are only allowed to have a piece of fruit or vegetables. I usually put that into a separate container for her so she doesn't have to get out her whole lunchbox for that time. She had pieces of cut rockmelon.

Chocolate smoothie :-)
I love how this sounds like something that is naughty even though it isn't.
It tastes divine.
Blend spinach, banana, blueberries, cacao powder, flaxseeds, and medjool dates with some soymilk.

YUM! Perfect way to start the day.

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