Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 5 - Friday Favourites

A few of my favourites today.
Let's start with breakfast - rice pudding.
I really enjoy having brown rice at breakfast - I don't really know why, I just do :-)
Really nice with vanilla soymilk, banana, raisins & a spinkling of cinnamon.

One of my daughter's favourite things to have for lunch is what we call "little boys"! I don't know where we got the name from, it just seem to have stuck.
Its just veggie sausages wrapped in bread with some sauce.
Little boys!
The rest of her lunchbox:
Banana for Crunch 'n sip snack.
Morning tea of salsa and water crackers and a muesli bar - of course which kid doesn't love muesli bars!!!

Because everybody needs a coffee to make everything feel ok.
Even better when you can sit in a resort style backyard with the sun shining :-)
The colours of lunch......
Didn't lunch start out looking amazing!!!!!!!!!!
I just mixed grated veggies with chick pea flour & egg replacer.
Well...... let me assure you it didn't all go so well. Phone calls meant I forget about things on the stove and my veggie frittata got burnt :-( as I scraped it off the pan if flopped and looked like a big coloured pile of mess!
And this is what is ended up looking like!
hmmm, tasted good though! Esp when smoothered with sweet chili sauce!
Better luck next time!

One of my favourite things to have for dinner is a veggie burger.
Today I made a 'chicken', mushroom & avocado one.
I love these vegemeal burgers. I buy them from our local health food shop. They are so easy to make. Simply mix with water & leave for 15 mins before forming into patties. They are really tasty.

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