Saturday, March 24, 2012

Magical Monday

Does anybody get Mondayitis???

Knowing I'm waking up to a pumpkin smoothie makes Monday's magical!
 Put all this in a blender.

Today's lunchbox
"Chicken" & tomoato burger, hot cross bun, banana, dried apples & apricots with some cinnamon nuts.
Yummy salad for lunch. Mixed veggies with chick peas, almonds - dressing was one juiced orange & balsamic mixed together. Sounds funny but its really tasty!
Dinner was mexican lentils served over cauli-rice.
Cauli rice is a great way of getting some extra veggies into your day.
And so easy to make.
Just steam your cauliflower til tender then blend til its very small! Use in place of rice, or mix with brown rice for a nice addition to any meal.

Top with fresh basil leaves for a tasty dinner.

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