Saturday, September 1, 2012

How I Organised my Craft Room

Well to tell the truth its actually the craft "side-of-the-room" as I do share it with my office for when I work at home!

But none the less, it needed to be organised!
It was very frustrating to want to sew and not be able to find the items needed easily.

Step One: 

Determine what pieces of furniture are needed.

Previously these Ikea shelves were in my daughters room, but when we moved she now has a massive built in wardrobe that fits everything, so I inherited these shelves for my craft room! 
Obviously I needed my sewing table (again inherited from my daughter's previous room as she now has a built in desk too!). I would like to invest in a proper sewing table oneday so I can also fit my over-looker on, but for now, this will make do! Organising doesn't have to be expensive.
I needed 'somewhere' to put my half done projects that would be easily accessible & where they wouldn't be put away and forgotten. I bought an ottoman with a removable lid. This works fantastic because if someone needs to come in & chat to me while I'm sewing they have a comfy little seat! 

Step Two:

Work out what you want to keep.

This part can be hard! I had so many boxes of craft things when we moved & I just had to sit down & go through ~every~single~one~ of them & sort out what I wanted to keep and what I didn't.
I did this out of the room so that nothing was put away & forgotten about.

Step Three:

Determine 'how' your items will be stored.

I wanted to make all my items fit & be easy to access. 
I worked out which type of storage would work best for what I needed stored and I slowly bought storage pieces to fit into the cubes in matching colours.

Step Four: 

Work out where the things will go.

Along the bottom I have the largest tubs and I have card making supplies in two and jewellery making supplies in the other two. 
I have put several sewing odds and ends in smaller boxes so they are easier to access when needed.
I have all my patterns and books along the top in magazine holders & small crates.
So far this is working out fantastically!

Step Five:

Set a day aside for the big clean out!

That meant moving all the things out of the cubes & into the lounge room where they would be allocated into their new boxes & put back - neat and tidy and in order! 
I must add how helpful it was to already have my plan in mind of where I wanted everything to go, so I wasn't left wondering where to put what as I bought things back into my craft room.

 So, here's what I started with:


And here's how it ended up:

And the other side of the room
From this:

To this:
A much calmer & more organised place to get creative in!

I did have a little helper along the way ;-)

Next in line for a good clean up is:

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