Friday, September 14, 2012

Organised Housewife-ing

How are you going on the Organised Housewife Challenge?

We're up to day 10 today, though I must admit that this week I have been a little bit behind. I haven't got to tidy my desk like I had hoped to do on Wednesday's list......

I am finding I can get a few odds and ends done on my workdays but not as much as I would like to achieve. Of course that means all the "harder-to-sort" things stay put ;-)
None the less I'm ploughing on & doing what I can.

I LOVE the feeling of going through cupboards & sorting them out knowing that they are getting a proper clean & being sorted through so that excess is not being kept!

Here's our 2 tupperware cupboards - cleaned and sorted today:
Now I have to admit that I didn't really need to sort out this Tupperware cupboard as I'm quite particular about this one - but I did straighten out a few piles & wipe the shelves down.  Can't hurt to keep on top of it!

And here's our organised and cleaned fridge!
I love the smell of vanilla spray! :D Always a pleasure to sort the fridge out!!!


  1. Awesome work. I am envious of your well stocked fridge. Mine is very very bare. We have not had much income lately so have been making do with what we have.

    1. This is after a shop I must admit....
      I hope that your situation improves. I had a very hard time for a few years so I know that financially struggling is no fun - I hope this time passes for you quite quickly.
      My personal tip if you would it - make as much as you can from scratch! It really does help :-)

  2. The plastics cupboard can get quite messy in no time flat so I try and do a tidy every few weeks and find all those containers that have lost their lids.

    As for the fridge - yours looks just like mine, except I keep my milk in the door! I have to watch my husband as he will buy food and hide them away in the fridge and I will discover them off a little later as he has forgotten to eat them!!

    1. lol oh i really did burst out laughing when I read that! its the opposite in our house - i buy my hubby a treat and then hide it until he says he feels like something then i make it magically appear!!!!!
      The spare spot on the door is for his coke ;-)

  3. love your pics - great tupperware cupboard!