Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spring Cleaning

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How excited am I that this blog was linked up to the organised housewife challenge!
Check it out! That's my alphabetical pantry you see there ;-)

How are you going with the 20 day challenge?
Did you follow todays plan?

Today is the first day since last Autumn that I've been able to hang washing on the line and actually have it dry!
I guess that's lucky since washing bed linen always takes up so much space!!! lol
 After all - is there anything so lovely as a clean fresh bed at night time?
I was debating if its time to put away the winter blanket yet.... but then I remembered its the cats favourite sleeping spot, so for now it stays!

My problem with clutter in the bedroom happens around my clothing :-/

I tend to throw items on this lovely wooden box & leave them there. Don't you think I have a nice shoe collection too?!!?
Sometimes the pile is clean clothes that are waiting to be put away, and sometimes its... well lets just say not-so-clean clothes!
Either way I think I'll officially add to my housewife New Habit list "To clear clothing pile each night". 
And I did just that this afternoon:
Clearly this took a bit of time because the sun went down quite significantly between the photos!!!
The pile of boxes on the left hand-side is from when we moved in :-/
Oh dear! I have added that to my weekend list!
Since I am still working during school hours, yet I want to make the most of the housewife challenge, I am keeping myself a list of tasks-to-do on the weekend that completely tackle all of the clutter and not just 'surface clutter' as I like to call it. Its all very well and good to clear desk tops & wash linen but these boxes are the type of things that I always overlook when I 'clean and tidy'. That's why they sit well hidden in the corner - so that most of the time they don't bother me! 

This week I also started following the PCRM's 21 day kickstart.

Of course I still had to grocery shop & write my meals down, but that's an easy week of meal planning since there was no thought involved!
The meals on the kickstart are so tasty & I have enjoyed following along the kickstart program for a number of years now!
They have a forum where you can get involved with questions/comments if you have any concerns.
I plan to blog about all the DIY recipes that it encourages us to do. So stayed tuned for some tasty recipes!

Are you spring cleaning?
Do you like to spring clean your home or your body more?

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