Thursday, September 20, 2012

WIAW - Last week of the kickstart


I can't promise you that my Wednesday posts will always be that interesting.... Wednesday is always my most rushed day. Get up and eat breakfast in a hurry and pack lunch for work... Meaning lunch always has to be something that is portable.
Then dinner is whatever I can whizz up in a hurry after my hour and a half drive home - or sometimes ~like today~ I get the priviledge of going out for dinner! YAY!

This evening I took my dad out for a belated father's day dinner together. The meal was so lovely & I can honestly say I really enjoyed my dad's company. I have never gone out to dinner with just my dad before so I wondered what on earth we would talk about - but its amazing, we really did have lots to say!
We went to an Italian restaurant and here's my super tasty pasta dish:

Ok well since I started with dinner first, I think I'll do this post up-side-down...

That means next is lunch ;-)
Here's my portable salad!!!
Greens, butter beans, millet, chopped veggies & herbs with a spritz of balsamic vinegar :-)

And breakfast was cornmeal porridge with craisins and a sliced peach.

So I guess that means I didn't really follow the kickstart plan but that's ok! Breakfast was delicious & lunch is always a handy way of using up leftovers. I could of had a Chinese meal for dinner but Dad's not so keen on it! Anyway, I'll just swap for Friday's eating out meal ;-) I am super keen to try the steamed eggplant.

You can find other WIAW post on the peasandcrayons blog!

Since I'm on the other side of the world I'm not exactly "falling" into good habits! But I could always attempt to "spring" into good habits ;-)

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