Thursday, September 27, 2012

WIAW - Random munchings....

Do you ever have those days where you just want to nibble all day?!?
That was my day today.

I started my day by making my salad for lunch. I topped it with some leftover ratatouille from last night. Also with a little bowl of fruit salad. 
Magically a little snack bar seemed to sneak into my work bag too ;-)
These are new at Coles for the great price of just $1.19. They have a few different flavours. This date one was quite tasty! I would definitely buy it again.

After I had packed my bag for work, I finally got to breakfast!
Oats with blueberry sauce made by whizzing dates, blueberries, flax seeds and a spoonful of inner-health plus in the blender. So tasty!

Mid afternoon I felt the munchies come on..... Which left me wishing that I had of wrapped up the last slice of the apple cake I had made on Monday :-( But since I hadn't I ventured down to our mini grocery store (very limited options at our little suburb random shop!).
Although the oreo's looked tempting, I didn't feel like anything sweet. That said, I would of bought a packet of dates if I had 20 cents more!
So I settled for a packet of rice crackers.....
 And I spent the afternoon nibbling away at ~nearly~ an entire packet :-/

Guess that isn't really falling into good habits is it now?!?!?

Dinner was a bowl full of rice noodles with veggies, peanut sauce & tofu!
WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who am I kidding?!? I don't use chop-sticks....
           That's better!
And thankfully that filled me up enough that ~FINALLY~ my munchies went away and I didn't spend the entire night nibbling & we all lived happily Wednesday after (since mum wasn't a bear with a sore head!).

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