Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lunchbox Makeover

Do your children ever get tired of having a sandwich every-single-day?

What about you??? Do you have to take lunch to work everyday but looking for some ideas that aren't just different sandwich fillings?

I am SOOOOOO excited to share with you all that I recently WON A LUNCH PACK! YAYYYYYYY who doesn't love to win a prize?!?!?
It was a competition for something healthy that your children enjoy to snack on. I shared my recipe for Soy-tella and the many ways that it can be used. I LOVE turning treat-food into health-food!
It was sooooooooo exciting to find out that I had won!!!

Here's the AWESOME pack that I received - thanks to Smash Enterprises and the awesome website Weighitup.
Now that box calls for some name labels ;-)

I have to say that these lunchboxes and snack containers are truly awesome! I definitely recommend getting some not only for the kids but for yourself too! They are available at Big-W, Woolworths, Coles or you can just buy them online directly from their website.

I think its always exciting to open a box up that's not just a piece of fruit & a sandwich.
Here's some lunchbox ideas that I've made for my daughter:
Chocolate pancakes, spinach wrap with lentil bolognese & avocado, sesame crackers, kiwi

Orange, date & cashew bar, vegan "chicken nuggets" with BBQ sauce, ginger logs, grapes

Sesame snaps, avocado sushi with soysauce, apple, oreo's, dried banana chips

Wrap with PB carrot and raisins, honeydew melon, home-made doughnut, sesame snaps

Butterfly snacks (dried fruit & nuts with a twist tie), corn chips with tomato paste and soymince (cold nachos),  chocolate spiders, orange

Button mushrooms, carrot stew with raisins, ginger logs with soytella, sandwich with tofutti cream cheese, strawberries & coconut

Okara 'meatballs' with tomato sauce, strawberries, chocolate coated veggie pulp cookies, mandarin
Leftover pizza???
Slap 2 slices together for a pizza sandwich!
The kids will LOVE this idea.

If all else fails, everyone loves oreo sandwiches!


  1. Those lunches look great! Cute butterfly snacks!

    1. Thanks - the butterfly snacks are so easy & children love them! :-)