Monday, September 24, 2012

More organising.....

How are you going with the organised housewife 20 day challenge???
Just one more week left.
To be quite honest my enthusiasm has dwindled.....
But I am still doing odds and ends around the home to help it get more organised. I'm just not following the daily tasks quite as closely as when we started. I decided that my own problems areas were more important to tackle.

Problem areas tackled in the last week 
 --> bedroom 'stash'
 --> office desk

Cleaning and organising the office area was the daily task for day 14. So I used that for motivation to get it done..... well partly done!
I managed to clear my desk space so that I can have the space I need and sorted through huge piles of random scraps of paper. I'm yet to tackle the storage area above my actual desk.... That's up next!

Anyway,I need to keep my desk clear, to keep my little helper happy ;-) 

Before.... mess and clutter
After - much better, but still a bit to go!
Let's face it - some organisation is better than none! Right?!?!?!?

With that said, I then put away the pile of shoes that had 'magically' grown since tidy bedroom day ;-)
I guess at least they are lined up neatly!!!!!
I continued with the problem spots in the bedroom.
Remember my pile of boxes that I posted in my previous post - I finally tackled them - COMPLETELY! Not only did I sort and remove the pile I re-arranged our bedroom so that we have a lovely sitting area.
 And now comes the 'reward' of being able to select a lovely piece for the table! I CAN'T WAIT! How awesome does it feel to buy a new decoration item for the home?

I must admit that I was way toooo embarrassed to post my other problem area in the bedroom..... I had a table next to my bedside table that was FULL of enviro-bags that had so many odds and ends that I hadn't sorted since we moved.
Now that I have tackled it I really wish I had of taken a picture to show how awful it was!
None the less I am very pleased to announce that those piles NO LONGER EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY

I replaced the coffee table with a little bookshelf where I can neatly keep the few magazines that I want to hold onto in an orderly way.
Not embarrassed to take a picture of that!

Ok enough of all this cleaning and tidying stuff - this is my weekend we're talking about!

         Well I don't totally agree with this - but it does give me a little chuckle!

Now to go and test out my new cookbook:
                    Isn't that what weekends are really for?!?!?


  1. I love that sitting area in your bedroom. Those chairs are GORGEOUS!

    1. Thank-you! They were hand-me-downs from my mother in law!
      They are so comfy and really suit our brown/wooden theme we have happening in our bedroom!