Friday, August 31, 2012

When life throws you lemons......

Ever bought a lemon-of-a-car??
I've had my first experience of that happening this month. :''(
I cannot explain how incredibly frustrating it is..... and how hopeless you feel in the waiting moments to hear from mechanics/auto-electricians if it can be fixed..... or the dreaded bill..... when they haven't really solved the problem.

So when life throws you lemons.............

Make an all-purpose cleaning spray!!!!!!!!!!!

Because you need something to do while you're stuck at home with no car to drive ;-)

  Cut up some lemons into wedges and put into a cleaned glass jar. Pour cleaning vinegar over the top of the lemons. White vinegar works too.
Put the jars into a sink & cover with boiling water. Don't pour the water directly onto the jars in case they crack.
Leave to sit until the water has completely cooled down (or overnight).
Then you can empty the sink & strain the lemon/vinegar mixture into a spray bottle. (You can leave the mixture to sit in the jars for up to 2 weeks if you want!)
Your all-purpose cleaner is done! It will keep for about a month.
Now I can be a lean, mean, green cleaning machine!
What!!! Lean - phef, I'm a woman I have round bits & I don't want to be mean! 
And after all lemons are yellow.
Let's just say - now I can be a cleaning fanatic ;-p

Today is the last day for the pre-challenge tasks on the organised housewife challenge. Have you decided to join in? Have you done all the pre-challenge tasks? What are you most looking forward too?

I hope you have your list of goals handy so you can refer to them to keep you motivated!

I've got my folder all set-up and ready to go! I did it whilst enjoying a coffee and the sunshine (of course!)


  1. I must give that a go, lemons aren't expensive at the moment and it looks so easy.

    1. Hi Jo, I must admit I love how inexpensive it is to use home-made cleaners. And this mixture really cuts through grease! Hope you have success with it :-)