Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIAW - Last week of the holidays

Well last week of holidays for all the lucky kiddies who get 6 weeks off....... but some of us are already back to work ;-)
Do you ever look back & think about how many things you took for granted as a child???

I prepared the slow cooker to do its job for me before I left for work this morning:

Breakfast was soaked oats topped with applesauce, flax seeds, raisins & cinnamon.

Instead of my standard lunch of salad at work I enjoyed some leftover kale & eggplant on brown rice. The picture truly doesn't do justice for how good this tasted!

Here's my snacks for the afternoon. I've been in love with nectarines this season! They seem so much more juicy and tasty compared to last year!

I was very grateful for the slow cooker when I had a 1 hour 50 minute drive home. To be greeted with this delicious soup was just divine! :-)
I did follow this lovely meal with a waffle and banana ice-cream, but I ate it too quick to get a pic in ;-)

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  1. I forgot that you're in a different season to us! Is it summer where you are? It's really cold & dark here :(
    All your food looks really yummy & nourishing. I can just imagine how nice your lunch was (even if you don't think the pic does it justice!) Did you use a sauce on the kale & eggplant? It looks kind of creamy :)
    I bet you were glad that you're dinner was ready and waiting for you when you got home. I hope your commute doesn't usually take you that long! x

    1. Yes we're in the middle of summer - have been having 105-115F days regularly this summer too! But I love the heat so its ok!!!
      I am going to post the kale & eggplant recipe later this week :-)
      I work from home most days - and just drive once a week. The drive home is always longer than the drive there. Usually only takes 1hour 10-20 to drive there but traffic home through Sydney is shocking :-/

  2. Aren't slow cookers amazing??!! Have a great rest of the week <3

    1. Yes they truly are!!!! :-)
      Hope you enjoy your week too!

  3. I can't imagine driving through Sydney to get home - I see it on the nighty news and feel very pleased that I live in a city that is so much quieter and with far less traffic. My drive home only takes me 20 mins and its a very nice drive mostly through countryside. I am very thankful for it:)

    1. Thankfully I only have to drive it once a week. This was a particularly bad week - I usually can get an hour 10/20 run. Though I was at a funeral yesterday & it took me 2 hours 20 mins :-(
      You're very blessed to have such a quick and scenic trip! :-)

  4. I definitely miss those long summer holidays...sigh!

    Lovely food as always :)