Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Same but Different

The great debate:
Feeding omni's and vego's in the same meal..... is it possible?
The answer is simply YES.

It might take a little bit more work but its not 'hard'.

Over Christmas I read a long debate on a discussion website about how many vego's still cook meat for their friends and family even though they hate doing it! 
I regularly have to practice this skill since there is NO WAY I could convince family members to eat vegan meals with me!
So in this post I'll give some practical tips on how to make meals that compliment both appetites!

Below you'll find a list of great ways that you can share a meal that is "The Same but Difference" - a phrase that my hubbie and I often have a little laugh about ;-)

Shepherds pies - made with lentils in place of the meat. Try this recipe for a fab lentil shepherd pie.

Enjoy a meal of mash and pies together. Pie fillings can be as creative or as simple as you please! Same goes for 'bangers and mash' - plenty of faux meat options to make easy similar meals.
Left - meat pie                                    Right - mushroom pie

Another easy option is to have burgers together. I love a good veggie burger! Why not try this lentil pattie recipe.

Bolognese - Try using a bean or lentil bolognese over pasta, along with a mince bolognese.

Meat balls are another great option that can easily be turned vego! Try using lentils, red kidney beans, okara or gluten flour to make meatless balls.
   Left - regular mince meat balls                           Right - okara 'meat' balls

Pizza! - this has got to be one of the easiest meals to share together. Vego pizza options are endless - just make sure you top it with pizza cheeze sauce.

Stir fry's are also easy to just make the same vegetable base & just top with either tofu or other.

Roast Dinner - can easily keep everyone happy - esp on a cold winters night. Veggie roast are endless, try using legumes of all kinds, nut roast or if you're having a lazy day there are some amazing premade store-bought roast available too.
Left - chicken roast dinner                                                                Right - seitan roast dinner

Baked Loafs - along with a meat loaf  you could serve a lentil loaf or bean loaf.

Lasagne - another great dish that can easily been turned veg. Try this version for a very 'meaty' option!!!

Check out this version of home-made 'Cheese and Bacon Muffin' breakfast:
Tofu bacon with tofutti cheese slice & hash browns. Now surely that is "The Same but Different" to an omni's meal!!!

Is that enough meals to make you feel like you can eat veg in an omni setting???

Better still - why not tell your friends and family about all the benefits of a plant-based diet???

You never know - they may just look at your meal and decide it's equally delicious!

Not only for their health, but for the many lives of animals that suffer for our dinner plates.

Decide on a vegan resolution you won't regret it!


  1. I definitely agree - growing up, it was really common for us to have meals made 2 ways, not necessarily due to vegetarianism / not (although my brother was vegetarian from 8 - 16 so that did get factored in) but also just to taste differences. Now it's just my husband and I, the veg / not veg split happens regularly and it is really easy once you start!

    1. Nice to know I'm not alone is that way of preparing meals!
      Glad you're also finding it easy enough :-)

  2. I can't believe how similar the meals look! You've done a fine job there!
    I'm fortunate that my hubbie has always been happy to eat whatever I'm making (providing it's yummy). Over the past 20 years he's slowly transitioned from omnivore, to pescatarian, to vegetarian to practically vegan! I knew he'd get there in the end ;)

  3. These are some really good ideas! Sometimes it's difficult to convince my family and friends to eat a fully vegan meal with me, but once they do, they usually realize that meat is not necessary. Though I've only helped convert one or two people to veganism, it's nice to show non-vegans that they're not sacrificing when they eat a healthy, vegan meal.

    Anyways, the shepherd's pie looks delicious, and boy, do I love vegan pizza.

    1. I agree that its great to be able to show people that not eating meat doesn't mean we're deprived! :-)