Thursday, November 29, 2012

WIAW - Chocolate and leftovers

Welcome to What-I-Ate-Wednesday!

Today's Wednesday was leftovers for me! 
I had not been quite so organised as last week and had prepared nothing in advance! That is when I realise how much I love my freezer!

I enjoyed a chocolate smoothie for breakfast:

You truly feel like you can face anything the day throws at you when it's started like this!!!

Morning tea was my caffeinated beverage and 4 dried apricots!

For lunch I had leftover tofu stir-fry:

For afternoon snack I had a banana.
For my trip home I had a Macro Raw Food Bar - they are soooooooooo delicious.

For dinner I had more leftover - red lentil stew with brown rice & steamed zucchini:

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  1. Yum. I want that smoothie. Most likely because it's 38 degrees but still, it looks awesome!

    1. Its one of my favourites! :D So satisfying & yet still healthy!!! win win