Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Vegan Tea Party

The day of the tea-party finally arrived!
All my hard work was well worth it! All the girls had a wonderful time.
We painted mini tea cups and played "pour the tea" blindfolded! We had a jewellery hunt instead of a treasure hunt (that's for boys!!!).
I won't post pictures of the girls to respect their privacy - but check out the AWESOME food & activities that we had at the tea party....

Making oreo pops - strong toothpick to hold the oreo dipped in melted chocolate and a few sprinkles on top!

A twist on pass the parcel! We had a talk about making sure we share presents around and think of people who haven't had something yet! It was so lovely to see the girls caring about others and thinking through the clue!

Tea pot bags - inside was a mini tea-cup to paint (as shown below).

Gotta love the craft store! So many good finds!
The girls had so much fun watching each other pour a cup-of-tea blindfolded!

Tea bag crackers!

Tea pot cookies

Fruit flowers!
I honestly wondered if the girls would enjoy the fruit or just go for the cookies and other more appealing food, but they ate all the fruit treats also!
I guess it really does help to make healthy food look appealing!
Kiwi flowers
 Date, raisin & seed balls, okara-coconut cookies, teapot cookies.
Oreo pops and more chocolate date balls (loved by them all!).
These date balls broke my food processor!!!! DEVO! Lucky they tasted so good!

And of course a teapot cake!
The girls enjoyed a range of different punches made from green tea, black tea & various flavoured teas mixed with apple & orange juice & soda water!

 Tea for the mums! (How cool is my teapot set!!!!)

No party is complete without party bags!!!!!
Tea stained ones seemed perfect for a tea party!!!!

Leftover cake makes for great cake pops to take the school!

And a special little treat for the boy who eats 'gluten free' in her class! No-one misses out when I cook!

Ok so I know that technically this isn't what-i-ate-on-wednesday but I finally got around to posting all about our great day on Saturday on Wednesday!!!!
Join in the WIAW fun at the peasandcrayons blog :-)

"You're worth more than gold" xxx


  1. wow!!! mother of the year! will you adopt me please? xoxoxoxo

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