Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIAW - Unprocessed Week 5

I didn't go for my long drive into the office today like I usually do on a Wednesday.
I went shopping :D
Doesn't every girl dream of a day off work to go shopping?!?

And shopping I did ;-p
You see that! That means our Christmas shopping is nearly all done... ~relief~ to say the least!

But I'm not here to blog about the shopping (although very pleased with the purchases), I'm here to let you know What-I-Ate-Wednesday!

Breakfast was a green smoothie that I drank half of before I raced out the door and poured the rest into a Tupperware cup! I had a long list of errands that I needed to complete before the joy of shopping could start, so I wanted to get out of the house nice and early!

I was very pleased with how quickly I ticked off my to-do-list of the bank, the library, the health food store and the post office before getting to the Christmas shopping and then ending at the grocery store. What a busy day!

I stopped mid-shop to have some lunch.
Convenience food doesn't have to be unhealthy :-)
I love this seaweed salad. It always feels like such a treat when I get some!
When I came home from shopping, I did a massive kitchen clean up which included ALL the washing up! Washing up is my least favourite house-hold chore :-/
But riddle me this ?!?!? Why is it that just half an hour after washing up and completely tidying and cleaning the kitchen that it looks like you've not done anything in an attempt to tidy or clean it?!?    ~sigh~

Come dinner time, I made use of the abundance of energy that I always seem to have on my day off (what's with office jobs and sitting down all day = no energy and feeling miserable?!?!?) and made a bean loaf for me & a meatloaf for my husband. I like to have a meal that is similar when we can! Served with mashed potato & veg. Very satisfying!
This type of meal we jokingly refer to as "The Same but Different".
Stay tuned to my blog for more details on that topic coming soon!

After our delicious meal together I got wrapping on the Christmas gifts! Though I feel like I got a nice collection of 'gifts' today too ;-)
Here's the goodies that I got from the health food store:

Dried beans to cook, organic no salt canned beans, cocoa powder, chickpea flour, spelt pasta, slim pasta, no sulphur sun-dried raisins and some natural prune & date spread. 
Date spread has got to be my favourite spread ;-) But I guess that makes sense since dates are my favourite food!!!

I LOVE the health food store. It always feel like such a treat when I go there. I love the range of items they have. The store I go to is MASSIVE! Its like a grocery store. I could spend hours in there if I had the time (and the money!).

Question of the day?
Do you enjoy going to the health food store?
What items do you like to get from there that aren't available at the regular grocery store?

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  1. How are you almost done with Xmas shopping??? I'm totally a December 23-24 type of shopper, but I love it:)

    I usually go to health food stores just to browse around. I don't typically buy many products there. I do love getting various flavored stevia, though!

    1. lol! I can't get a parking spot if I leave it that late! Plus I really like to have the presents sitting under the tree on 1st December when we put it up! :-)
      I agree that health food shops are so much fun to browse through :-)

  2. So jealous that you're almost done shopping! I haven't even thought about what I want to give friends and family yet! That bean loaf looks delicious. I hope you post the recipe.... ;)

  3. I LOVE going to the health food store haha, but I'm not sure my wallet would say the same ;)