Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 7 Unprocessed

I haven't taken as many photos this week. I'm repeating a lot of meals & have had a lot of leftovers! Enjoying the challenge whilst at the same time feeling a little frustrated by it! I don't want anything majorly bad, I just want to have some rice crackers or convenient nibbles here and there..... but I plough on!

Here's some meals from the past week:
Polenta with bean and eggplant loaf.

Cinnamon, raisin soaked oats

Leftover bean & eggplant loaf with salad

Chickpea & veg medley with potato mash & mushroom gravy

Banana & tofu mousse with strawberries

Chocolate smoothie (full of greens and fruit of course!)

Pizza potatoes (recipe from The Starch Solution book)

Leftover sauce from the pizza potatoes put onto a baked sweet potato!

Tofu bacon with sprouts & roasted capsicum on a wholemeal bun

Polenta with spinach & mushroom

I enjoyed a gingerbread house making morning this week also! Wish I'd taken pictures prior to wrapping it! This is going to be the centrepiece on our family Christmas table & then the kids can devour it!

We enjoyed a weekend away camping! Down in this valley:

Making potatoes, camping style ;-)
Something so beautiful and peaceful about just getting away and having a chance to enjoy nature!

Reading in front of our campfire = So relaxing!

Sooooooo nice to just sit in front of the fire & watch it! It is incredibly relaxing! One thing that I can do that can turn my mind off and just 'be'.
The visitor we had in the morning!

Question of the day:
Is there something that you do that just turns your mind off and relaxes you?


  1. Your gingerbread house is gorgeous! I'm sure everyone will love it.
    Camping looks amazing. I wish I could convince my other half to camp- he's scared of nature, well nature that moves :P
    Relaxing for me is sleep (that counts right?), meditation, swimming, walking with music on...

    1. hehehee yes sleep counts :D
      Try convert him - its so worth it!