Thursday, June 7, 2012

My first attempt at Seitan!

Can you believe I've been vegan now for over 5 years and I've never tried Seitan???
Today I broke the fast ;-)

I was never brave enough before - it was time to conquer my fear.
And conquer I did.....
and boy I was glad I did!

Quite yummy.
Will definitely experiment further.

I used the recipe in the book Appetite For Reduction
Here's the process:

Bring stock and soy sauce to boiling point
Mixing all the ingredients together

Ready to knead

Cut into pieces

Flattening the pieces out
After I'd done this I watched a you tube video & realised I should of used a rolling pin - dough!

Putting the pieces into the boiling stock

Simmer for an hour


All done!
Can be eatten like this or..... this!
The crumbing process

Crumbed & ready to go

Frying the schnitzels
I started out as a water fry & it didn't really work so I just added a teaspoon of oil

And then, finally, dinner was done :-)
So worth the wait!

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