Thursday, June 21, 2012

Food Inc.

Documentary Review: Food Inc.

I watched the documentary, "Food, Inc." on the weekend.
It shows in considerable depth, the way that food is produced.
I was totally BLOWN AWAY to say the least!

I know this is an American produced movie, but something tells me that nothing is any better in Australia when it comes to food!
I had NO IDEA that the large majority of food was controlled by so few, yet hugely powerful companies. Scary really.

I found it encouraging that it promoted that each individual consumer has some power. I guess we often think, "well what does my little bit count" and this movie just shows THAT IT DOES!

I was also encouraged that for those who choose to consume animal products, there is a somewhat more humane way of doing it. Not that I personally agree with it, but there is a way that produces much less pain & suffering for animals both during their life & during the slaughter process.

We all know that genetically modified foods are quite a threat to our health & our environment but I think the extent that 'regular' foods are being over-processed is now equally as scary! Have you ever stopped to think about what is considered "basic products" and exactly how much processing they have gone through?
Bread, pasta, milk............

I kinda feel also that people tend to think that buying from a local supermarket isn't really that bad. I guess this documentary has definitely changed the way I feel about that!
I personally plan to make more of an effort now to get to our local farmers market & show my support for fruit & veggies that are grown locally & in a way that is less harmful to the environment.

Here is the official website for the documentary.
And here is the Movie Database link.

Recommended viewing score 5/5
I think this is a must see. Not just for people who choose to consume plant-based foods, but everyone.
We can all make a difference to our environment. A little bit each, adds up to a heck of a lot in total! 

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