Sunday, July 1, 2012

Homemaker Coffee Grinder

Product Review:

- Homemaker Coffee Grinder

I picked this up from K-mart for just $9!
Can you believe it? Just nine bucks!

I can't really vouch for the use of it with coffee...... to be honest - I haven't tried it yet with coffee. The main reason I haven't tried it for coffee is because I think it would be a pain to have to tip the coffee up-side-down into a container. I wouldn't ever just grind enough for one cup and it's obviously not big enough to grind large batches of coffee at one time.
However............. that said - the reason I bought this coffee grinder was to use with nuts and seeds.
And for that purpose it is PERFECT!
It does an amazing job.
It works really well at breaking them down, either into little pieces, or into a fine powder.
The lid has a button that you must hold down in order for the grinder to work so it stops the machine being accidently turned on if the lid is somehow left off - very safe for little fingers.

It's really easy to use & doesn't take long at all to grind the nuts. Its easy to clean just by using a cloth to wipe around the inside.
I love the small size as I find it very convenient to find a place for it in my cupboard (making more room for more kitchen gadgets - that's gotta be a good thing!).

Awesome value for money - a great investment for any nuts..... I mean nut-eaters ;-)

Rating 5/5

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