Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holiday Fun - Green Day

What do you like to do in the school holidays with your children?
Today I had "Green Day" with my daughter!
She thought this idea was great & has been busting for this day to come since the start of the holidays when we planned it!

We made ourselves a list of all the bits & pieces that would be 'green' for the day and got busy.....

 First we had to get dressed in green clothes & do our hair in green ties! And we painted our nails green too!
Breakfast had to be a green smoothie of course!
We spent the morning doing chores that we could somehow turn green - washed "green" clothes (that was a small load - mainly khaki colour really!!!!!) & used "green" sponges to clean the bathroom. What better way to turn duty into fun! Luckily the hose is green too so we could fill the fishpond & water the plants....
While I did my work-from-home hours she busied herself doing craft in her room. I saw an amazing pile of things made from green pipe-cleaners & clay & other odds and ends. We did some craft together in the afternoon and made streamers.
We made green tea cookies for morning tea.
They were sooooooooooooo tasty!
You can find the recipe here.
We altered the recipe a little by using less sugar & oil & substituting sultanas for the figs. 
What green day is complete without listening to some "Green Day" music????
Lunch was scrambled green tofu.
I thought it looked green enough just with all the chopped vegges in the mix but she wanted more green so we dropped a bit of food colouring in just for fun!
Our arvo was juicing some green fruit & veggies and preparing our dessert and dinner.
 Great arvo cuppa!
Making our dessert.
Dinner was green pasta. So incredibly tasty that I was surprised!
Dessert: White choc covered kiwis! So tasty! 
Thanks  Sweet William.
And just to finish our day off we read some green books.

What an awesome green day we've had!
Hope you have enjoyed your school holidays. I will miss days like this when school goes back next week.

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  1. What a wonderful day you both had:)))). It certainly was very green.