Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Cakes

I LOVE LOVE LOVE making birthday cakes!
I love thinking about what shape they will be or how it will fit into the party theme.

But most of all I love it when people enjoy the cake and are surprised that its vegan! What no butter, no eggs?!?!? How can you make a cake with no eggs!!! 
~E~A~S~Y~  Like this.......

Here's a couple I've made:

Me with my 30th cake that I made.

The finished product :-)

Showing the layers - one vanilla, one strawberry, one chocolate!

Neapolitan Cake

The process is time consuming - but well worth it!
Layers of yummy cake!
Rolling out the icing

Who doesn't love a rainbow cake??
Layers separated by strawberry jam
Making coloured layers of cake

More cake!
Two flavours - top part sultana & choc chip, bottom part orange & poppy seed
Cow print fondant

Of course birthdays not only mean cooking, but craft too!
Making invitations is always lots of fun
And making party bags too!
Thumbprint tree
For a wonderful memory of those in my life at the time :-)


  1. Those are so beautiful! The Neapolitan one looks so tasty! My favorite cupcakes actually tend to be vegan. I enjoy them so much more than regular ones because they tend to be a lot more moist. I've never had vegan cake before, but now I'm excited to try!

    1. Thanks - yes try try try! I do agree that they tend to be more moist! :-) Happy experimenting!

  2. wow you have amazing talent Sandy!! xoxoxo

  3. I didn't know about your blog Sandy.. you are amazing....I love the rainbow cake.... it's me kay Liptrott

  4. I didn't know about your blog Sandy! Your cakes look amazing especially the rainbow one. .. I love rainbows! Btw it's me kay Liptrott xxx

    1. Hey lovely!
      So glad you popped by - hope you come back often to see my goodies. Glad you like the cakes, I LOVE making vegan cakes :-) xxx