Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIAW - Last Week of February

Have you joined the fun yet?

Here's my nibbles for the day:
The chocolate rice pudding was soooooooooo delicious!
You can find the recipe here - thanks to Dreena Burton.

This month on the peas and crayons blog we've been celebrating

Tonight my husband tried sweet potato for the first time! 
Now that is love!
Sweet potato is one of my all time favourite vegetables so the thought of not having it as often as I would like to was devastating! Thankfully he enjoyed it, so now it will feature in our meals more often yyyyaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Sometimes though its not only veggies that we love.....
Sometimes I love taking pictures of food just because it looks nice or unusual.
So today for "love" I decided to collate some pictures of food I love the look of!
LOVE --> Let me show you the ways:

Iku love - when my husband brings home a meal for me!
Weekend love - pancakes for breakfast :-) Is it just me or do the banana pieces make this pancake stack look like a frog?!?
Couscous love - This confetti salad recipe is just DIVINE! I often make it when we have visitors and it always gets wonderful compliments.
Doughnut love - self explanatory really - especially when home made!
Pancake love  - topped with strawberries and tofu cream to be complete love.
Veggie love - of course I had to include a nice big picture in the middle of a beautiful pile of veggies :-)
Oreo love - much better when turned into pancake versions of course!
Polenta love - sliced into triangles and topped with veggies.
Sandwich love - best served with tofu bacon and salad.
Pizza love - another self explanatory one!!! I love square pizza bases, for no valid reason other than that they are a bit different from the norm - I like different :D No pizza is complete without being topped with my pizza cheeze sauce

What foods do you love?
Do you take pictures of food when you like what it looks like?


  1. We did such similar posts at such similar times! Good minds think alike, clearly ;) I love the sound of just about everything you mention here, although sadly my husband does not like sweet potato, so that is a vegetable that is reserved for my consumption alone. Fortunately he loves regular potatoes so it's easy to do both when I want the sweet variety :)

    1. Great minds think alike hey :-)
      Glad your hubbie likes some potatoes at least!! Would be very hard otherwise!!!

  2. That chocolate rice pudding looks so delicious! Seeing your pic has reminded me of this delicious rice pudding dessert that I had in our local Nepalese restaurant. It was flavoured with coconut and cardamom. Oh my gosh it was good! Hopefully one day I'll be able to re-create it!
    So good to hear that your hubbie likes sweet potato now! It's such a yummy, versatile vegetable. I've been using it in a lot of soups lately as it makes them silky smooth without the need for milk.
    Love your photo montage! Have you posted your polenta recipe yet? I've yet to feel the love for polenta so would love to hear how you make it. Mine always tastes really bland... and all the recipes I find online include cheese. Maybe I could sub with nooch for flavour?

    1. mmmmm that coconut pudding sounds delicious.
      I haven't posted a polenta recipe. I generally just boil it with water or stock and then let it set, cut it into pieces and bake it for 30minutes. I do find it works better with dishes that have a lot of flavour or else yes the polenta is quite bland. I also enjoy polenta as a breakfast porridge cooked with milk - delicious :-)

  3. All you food looks amazing! I love to take pics of mine, too :)