Kids Lunchbox Club

Lunchbox makeover ideas - more than just sandwiches.

Chocolatey Spread

 No-junk Muesli Bars

Mighty pillows 


Quick and tasty noodles

Butterfly snacks

Caramel choc-chip dip 

Bit-like-cake sandwich 

Homemade muesli bars


Pizza sandwich


Choc-oat Slice 

Muesli cookies

Bite-sized Carrot Cookies

Chickpea Nuggets

Choc-Coco Sultana Slice

Nut bars

Choc-chip banana muffins

Banana Oat Slice

Mexican Lunch Muffins 






Quick Mexican Quinoa 



Salted Bean Snack






These recipes would also make a great addition to packed lunches:

Easy kale lunch wrap - can be made the night before and stored in the fridge. 

Borlotti balls - leftover 'meat' balls always bring much delight to my daughter when they are in her lunchbox with a small tub of tomato sauce.


Gingered date banana loaf - all kids love a piece of cake right???

Apple sponge cake

Potato waffles - either by itself or on a roll works for a great lunch.


Banana currant soft spelt cookies 

Bread bean pies- put a bread lid on these and they make great lunchbox fillers

Fudgey okara slice


One serve pineapple prune cake 



Okara chocolate prune cookies  

Cauli corn cannellini bites - with or without the sauce these work in lunchboxes.


Fruity yum cookies - one of my all time favourites!


Bean eggplant loaf - a slice of this between 2 pieces of bread is ultra yummy.


  1. I act like a kid! Does that count? :) Yum yum yum. Your daughter is a lucky girl indeed.

    1. hehehe of course it does (I test-taste it all too!!!)

  2. I love your lunchbox ideas! Can't wait to test some of them on my kids :)

    1. Great! Hope they enjoy them as much as my little person does! :-)

  3. some yummy ideas! My kids love rice paper rolls filled with vermicelli noodles, shredded veges and marinated tofu - and they’re quite easy to make ahead too...

    1. Ooooo they do sound good. I am not a confident roller of rice paper rolls - I definitely need more practise! :-)