Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Red Lentil & Spinach Sauce

Nervously my husband sat awaiting this meal. 
He wasn't convinced he would like it. 
He reminded me how much he's not a fan of trying "new things".
He took his first bite & I hear a squeal of delight "WOW - that sauce is so yummy!"
Both him & I were overjoyed!
"I'd even take that to work heated up" he said! WOW - it really was a winner in our house!

You'll need:
1 brown onion
1 cup red lentils
3 cups boiling water
1 teaspoon veggie salt
100g baby spinach leaves
1/4 cup tomato paste

Finely chop the onion and place in a dry frying pan. Water sautee for 5 minutes. 
Add the red lentils. Pour over the boiling water and add the veggie salt. Stir. 
Cover with a lid and leave for 15 minutes until all the water is absorbed into the lentils and the lentils have become mushy. Stir in the spinach leaves. Stir well - cover and leave for another 5 minutes. The spinach leaves will wilt.
Stir in the tomato paste until it is well distributed.

Serve over pasta, potatoes or other grain of choice.
Makes 4 serves. 
Shown here over black bean spaghetti.

Have you tried this spaghetti?

I believe its fairly new to the market. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago at a health food store. It makes for a great pasta substitute. I didn't think it was too expensive. Just a few dollars for this packet which I felt would comfortably serve 4-5. It seemed to go so much further than regular pasta. It cooked really quickly too. It doesn't really taste like regular pasta at all though. I felt that it tasted quite similar to soba noodles. I enjoyed the taste and will definitely buy them again.


  1. My husband might like the "pasta" because it is black and different, I might have to look out for it.

  2. I can relate to your joy at your husband liking this - mine would be just as reluctant to try it, but hopefully will have the same reaction as your partner if I do make it :) It certainly looks delicious to me and I love the look of the black pasta too!

    1. Sometimes I have to kick him out of the kitchen while I'm cooking because I'm sure if he saw what actually went into the meals he's be scared to try too!!!! lol
      But anything they like is a sure winner hey!!!!!!

  3. Would you mind sharing what tomato paste you use? Thanks!

    1. Hi Corrin, I just use a generic brand tomato paste. You can use salt free if you'd rather :-)