Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIAW - Veggie Love

Welcome to HUMP DAY everyone!

Do you call Wednesday's Hump Day?
The saying 'hump day' relates to the working week being like climbing a hill. It originates from feelings that Wednesday can be the hardest day of the week, the day that can feel the most exhausting & that we have the least amount of motivation because we've finally exhausted ourselves to get to the top of that hill! But at least after today it's a downhill run!!!!!!

Today I definitely felt like I was on the top of the hill!

Being up a touch earlier than usual meant that I was out the door without any rush. We had an office meeting for several hours, which is always great because I love my fellow workmates so much. This afternoon I had my first trip to Costco. The drive home this week on the freeway was only ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!! Wooooo-hoooooo :D And I was welcomed at home by a parcel of bras I'd ordered online *cheap* - my favourite brand!
Seriously - does a day get any better than that??????
Well stocked with dates, rice, tofu, passata and...... bras!!!!!

Here's my munchies for today:
I had a nectarine and apricot for afternoon tea and I also must admit that I did have a Macro bar on the way home..... it was a precautionary step that I took leaving one in my handbag just in case the drive home was bad..... but even though it wasn't I ate it anyway ;-)

This month on the peas and crayons blog veggies are getting a special mention!
WIAW followers are joining in love your veggies month!
If you ask me, veggies are definitely worth loving!
As I sat and thought about which veggie I would want to share the love of, I really couldn't decide!
I loooooooooove red capsicum....
   but I also loooooooooooooooove cauliflower............
        and I can't forget how much I looooooooooooooove snow peas, and shallots and mushrooms and............
Well you get the point!

Today I decided to share with you some EGGPLANT love <3.
Yes, I love eggplant too! (Also known as aubergine!)
Yesterday I made an Eggplant Moussaka recipe from the Forks Over Knives Cookbook. Clearly our eggplants needed to be used soon ;-)
I had never tried a moussaka before but had always wanted to so I was very excited. 
The recipe has 3 parts - lentils, eggplant & sauce. Each part is made from scratch. 
I really enjoyed the whole process!
And it was amazingly tasty! :-)

Do you have a favourite vegetable?
What's your favourite way to cook with it?
Have you tried any new recipes with it lately?


  1. Wow that is one amazing bounty of produce and bras you have there! I wish we had a Costco in Bath as I love bulk buying. I did manage to buy a 10kg bag of chapatti flour this week for £5.50, which was a great bargain. No chance of me going gluten free any time soon ;)
    Your moussaka looks really yummy!

    1. Costco is fairly recent out here - and thankfully there is one close to my work :-)
      Yay for bargain flour - I'm expecting some rather grand recipes now you know!!!! I'm sure you'll put it all to good use xxx

  2. I LOVE Costco - its great. I usually go every 3 months and stock up on fundamentals. It really does help with the grocery budget but it also means far less trips to the shops and that is great.

    I love salads (yes, that can include many veggies) - even in winter I love a bowl of salad - its so refreshing.

    Sweetcorn (fresh) would have to be up there with the top vegetables. I love it just cooked with a crunch and then lots of butter (not mag). I am also a fan of spinach and peas and . . . ok, lots of veg!!

    I am trying my hand at Indian cooking and finding out that I can cook Indian without using chillies and they don't need to be really hot.

    1. Sounds wise to stock up while you're there and reduce the grocery bill!
      Yay for a fellow salad lover :-)
      Oooooo I do love some Indian dishes - but yeah I'm the same, can't handle too much heat! I hope they work out well for you :-)

  3. How exciting re. your Costco purchases - I've never been so always love seeing what other people get there! And I like the look of your moussaka :) I would be hard pushed to choose a favourite vegetable, but I do eat a lot of carrots!

    1. Hopefully Costco decide there should be a Perth store for you soon!
      mmmmmmmmmmm carrot cake ;-) Wait - does that still count as a veggie then?!?!?!?

  4. Great minds think alike! I posted a recipe for moussaka this week too :)

    That black bean pasta looks great. Such a creative idea!

    Oh, and I'm not sure I could pick a favorite vegetable :) It would have to be either squash or peas though... Probably!

    1. Yay for moussaka! :-)
      I think the black bean pasta tastes more like noodles than pasta - but I do really like it.
      hehehe so many people are having trouble picking their 'favourite'!!!!