Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stuff it!

mmmmmmmmm so tasty!

I love stuffed vegetables.

My all time favourite vegetable to stuff is red capsicum! Its so sweet & delicious when its been roasted! I just LOVE it!
Here's some other veggies that stuff well:
- eggplant
- zucchini
- sweet potato 
- tomatoes
- choko

How to stuff vegetables:

If the vegetable is hollow, simply cut the top off & spoon out any seeds.
If the vegetable is full - you need to scoop out the flesh (you can use it in the stuffing mixture).
Mix the 'stuffing' in a big bowl.
Spoon into the vegetables and bake until soft. 


- If the vegetable is very hard you may need to precook it a little to be able to scoop the flesh out!
- I find a moderate oven works best, so that it doesn't burn the outside of the vegetable skin.
- I recommend cooking time of 40-60 minutes depending on how 'hard' the vegetable is - note that precooked vegetables will take less time.

Ideas for stuffing mixture:

- precooked brown rice
- tomatoes
- capsicum
- lentils
- spinach leaves
- mashed potato
- carrots (don't need to be precooked)
- tofu
- onion, spring onion
- mushrooms
- sauerkraut
 And don't forget your herbs and spices!
You can top with avocado once the vegetables are cooked if you like :D

Its so much fun to experiment with different flavours and it can make the meal taste so different each time! Why not combine some classic flavours like Indian spiced-rice with coconut milk, or Italian herbs & lentils, or pizza-type vegetables with a tomato base.

Pictured is a mix of carrots, spinach, brown rice & tomatoes with basil.


BUT WAIT.................. There's more!!!!!

I just feel like potatoes deserve a special mention of their own! Probably because I never 'stuff' potatoes in quite the same way that I do other vegetables!
I always prebake them wrapped in foil & then cut them open to pile (and pile high) my fillings on. 
I usually opt not to precook my fillings for stuffing potatoes but rather use easy to chop and serve fillings such as baked beans, mashed avocado and several canned items - pineapple, corn etc. I also find that lots of leftover meals can be warmed and served on top of baked potatoes to re-create the meal is a whole new light!
So good! The topping list is endless!

Pictures is leftover lentils, capsicum, mushrooms, spring onion, corn & tahini.

Simple stuffed potato - baked beans & mashed avocado! So delicious!

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