Monday, August 13, 2012

Now THAT'S a vegan Pizza

Who said vegans can't have great pizza?
This is sooooooooo good - in fact I think I can call it the BEST pizza I've ever had :D

I used a wholemeal pizza base & put a mixture of BBQ and sweet chilli sauce on the base.
Topped with a huge handful of baby spinach leaves, roasted eggplant, chopped button mushrooms, spring onion and green capsicum - and of course.... topped with my pizza cheeze sauce. I did however use cannellini beans in place of the chick peas in the recipe.
Seriously good!

I still love a good no-cheese pizza every now and then also - a pizza place down the road from us does an AWESOME pizza too.

Because lets face it....

I stumbled across this the other day - for some great vegan pizza ideas check out this Website.

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