Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Study in "P" Major

For those of you who are musically inclined you may have realised that I'm clearly not talking about playing the piano here...... since there is no musical note "P".
However, I do like to sing while I'm cooking ;-)

Today's study in P major includes:


2 'major' parts of our cupboard!



I tend to be someone who tries any new plant milk that comes out. 
I like to use different types of plant milk for different purposes too.

Here's my own assessment of the situation:

I prefer the taste of soymilk and rice milk over any other type of plant milk. I enjoy cooking with almond milk for a bit of a change but I don't particularly like the taste of it for drinking or in smoothies. My daughter LOVES the Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk - probably because it has more sugar than almonds in it and that is a reason that I don't let her have it too often. That said, I did notice just this week in the grocery store that there is now a 'sugar free' version available! Well done Sanitarium I say!!!! :-)

I find oat milk is quite thick and rather bland. Of course it is wonderful on oats but I don't use it for too much other than that. The Australia's Own Organic brand provides a range of organic plant milks with few additives which is always a good thing in my opinion. Note that their oat milk does contain honey so it will not suit people who choose to avoid bee products.

Rice milk is quite sweet - even though it doesn't usually contain any sweetners. I love cooking with ricemilk as I find the amount of sugar in a recipe can easily be reduced then.

Vitasoy wins in my books - easily!
They use whole soybeans instead of soy protein (which I largely try to avoid). All their products are non GMO.
I love the range that Vitasoy offer too.
All my favourites just so happen to be from the Vitasoy range!
                                    My favourites:
I love making my morning coffee with Vitasoy's Organic Soymilk. It is rich and creamy and not watery like some milks can be. It has a delicious flavour and it has low sodium compared to other soymilks too. My coffee simply isn't the same using other milk! Also it contains B12 which is a bonus too - 1ug per 250ml. 

The chocolate flavour soymilk also contains B12 and is delicious. Any evening is complete with a glass in hand ;-)

The Vitasoy ricemilk is my favourite for cooking with for the reasons mentioned above. It also makes for a delicious addition to smoothies. I also must admit that as a plain 'drink' it is my favourite!

With all of that said, I still do tend to make my own soymilk for everyday use! I have had a soy milk machine now for 18 months and it has well and truly paid for itself! 
Of course home made soymilk doesn't last as long as store bought, and it doesn't have quite the same consistency or flavour to it. However, it is completely additive free and has just ONE ingredient! Can't beat that for everyday use! 

Now for another major "P" in my cupboard:

PASSATA - Tomato Cooking Sauce

I have found there is not a huge range of these available. Usually just a generic brand and Val Verde is available in standard grocery stores. 
I cannot get over the MASSIVE range of pasta sauce that the stores now stock!
Personally I don't use pasta sauce. I prefer to use a passata base and make my own 'sauce'. I don't like the amount of addictives and oils that are included in many of the pasta sauces and that is why I prefer to make my own.
(The Sole Natura brand that is shown below is from Costco.)
Of the sauces shown here I was surprised to find that all of them (except Coles brand) had exactly the same amount of sodium and each also included acidity regulator E330. Now even though I consider myself to be a numbers person - I don't like numbers in my food! 

So for those reasons, the winner for me is "Coles" having no "E"s included and with nearly a quarter the amount of sodium of all the others.
(I don't always shop at Coles though so I will buy another brand when I need it! We do use a lot of this sauce!)

Questions of the Day:


What is your favourite plant milk?

Do you prefer the make your own pasta sauce or buy a premade one?


  1. Good minds think alike :-) We clearly need to meet in person to discuss milks...I wish I could continue to share the enthusiasm at Sanitarium's sugar free So Good Almond milk but their use of carrageenan has dashed my confidence! I will check out your VitaSoy favourites, I like their protein enriched rice milk but haven't tried the soy varieties you list here :)

    1. hehehee I think we could have many discussions over various things!!!!! After reading your recent post I am totally rethinking milk too! VERY pleased that my Vitasoy Organic High Fibre is free of it! Think I'll totally stick to that for now - and my homemade milk :-)

  2. Vitasoy soymilky and hi-fibre have always been my top 2 plant milks but I may look for alternatives after reading Kari's posts. I use almond and oat milk occasionally but have never tried rice milk before.

    I use passata as a base for pasta sauces and chilli dishes too. Have you tried the Macro organic passata at woolworths? I don't have it in the pantry at the moment so I'm not sure if it has 330 added.

    1. ooooo thanks for that - I'll def check out woolies next time i'm there to try and find the macro one :-)

  3. I think it's fantastic that there's such a wide selection of non dairy milks available now. Many of my friends and family members have switched from cow's to soya or almond milk often, in the first instance, because they prefer the taste or they feel that it digests better.
    I buy a wide range of milks (soy, almond, oat, hemp, coconut). My buying decision is often determined by what's on offer :) I haven't tried rice milk yet but, having read how much you like it, I'll definitely buy a carton and give it a try x

    1. Let me know how your rice milk experiment goes!!! :-)
      I agree that its so fantastic to see more and more range becoming available. I'm surprised the number of people I talk to who say they are staying away from dairy by choice! Its so encouraging!!!! :-) After all - we aren't calves ;-)